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Welcome to Lehman Lee & Xu's A Guide to Successful Business in China.

Lehman Lee & Xu along with China has developed and undergone great changes in recent times. With China's accession into the WTO, there has been an influx of foreigners entering China for the very first time. Many have heard stories (or tales) of what to expect and how things are done in China, only to find that the perception did not fit the reality once they arrived.

Over the years Lehman Lee & Xu has been involved in various enterprises with a long list of clients. Below are some of the lessons that we have learned while doing business in China. We hope that the information provided will help you and your business better understand China, its people and its business environment.

While the articles below are not to be used as a substitute for legal advice, we trust that you will find the articles useful in gaining a deeper understanding of the way business is conducted in China today.


Kind Regards,

Edward E. Lehman

Lehman, Lee & Xu